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About Us

Jobills is a blockchain-based company that uses communication to improve social and economic participation for everyone. We focus on assisting users become meaningful participants in modern business and social communication that is powered by internet technology. The Jobills platform makes use of blockchain technology to facilitate a shared communication community resource, whereby users can access communication tools provided by speakers of different languages. At the centre of the Jobills user experience is a community-based system that allows users of any level of literacy to be part of a global communication process.


Jobills’s mission is to develop a single, decentralised space where speakers of any language can interact with those of other languages. This will help arrive at a global, social and economic space where human progress is powered by the ability to share meaning.


Central to our vision is an important responsibility to improve communication through enhancing what natural language can help achieve. The Jobills system leverages the advantages of human natural languages to develop a simplified communication platform. It is our mission to continue developing tools that meet human abilities closer to natural capabilities.

Our Products

Simple, inclusive user interface

Simple, inclusive user interface

The Jobills user interface makes use of icons to enhance engagement with online content.

Global speech community

Global speech community

Jobills offers a global, online speech community comprising individuals from different speech communities coming together to communicate about products, services, social issues.

audio interactions

Audio interaction

Our system makes use of an audio-assisted communication process for an even more simplified communication.

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Targeted advertising space

Businesses of different sizes can access a highly relevant advertising space providing carefully segmented audiences for their products and service.

job search svg

Job searching

Jobills offers a job searching space that allows people of different computer literacy abilities to interact as they search for employment.

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Workplace encyclopedia

The Jobills application provides a collection of career-related terms accessible to users in their preferred languages.

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Shopping space

Jobills users can have access to their favourite products and services though our system.

Token rewards

Token rewards

All Jobills products can be accessed in any language of choice. This is powered by the incentivised translation process that Jobills users can choose to participate in, and earn different amounts of the community’s token.

For Developers

Call for Blockchain Developers

Blockchain at JOBILLS

The Jobills platform allows developers to take part in exploring the blockchain industry through developing various applications on top of the Jobills system.Are you a blockchain or full stack developer in need of a new challenge and an opportunity to keep your skills sharp? Become part of an effort to develop a futuristic blockchain system that is both challenging and exciting. Jobills (Pty) Ltd is a new South African tech start-up that is developing a blockchain system aimed at enhancing human communication. As a developer, this is an opportunity to be part of a development community that intends to make a contribution to modern humanity by improving communication.


Blockchain is yet to witness its mainstream usage in society, yet there are numerous opportunities for professionals to explore and develop their careers in this field; one of which is cryptography in blockchain for sure. With time this field will be providing endless opportunities, and for this, you can join us!

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts can be used across industries to streamline and automate doing business down the street or around the world. We intend to utilize their full potential.

Web Development

In most cases, a blockchain developer will be developing web apps.Our vision for blockchain developers is to create apps that even people with minimal knowledge of blockchain can easily use.